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Licenses & Auto Titles has been in business since 2003 and from the very beginning, our goal was to offer the very best service possible to our customers! We are a bonded and licensed Public Tag Agent that is authorized to do title work in the state of Louisiana.  We are also authorized under the ELT, Electronic Lien & Title Program, to process electronic lien registration for the Sate of Louisiana.


By Louisiana law we are allowed to assess a convenience  fee for any work processed.*

When you choose to let us do your title work, we become your Office of Motor Vehicles and eliminate your waiting or sending a courier who can now do other errands.  We can arrange to pick up your local work and return the finished process in a timely manner.  A phone call is all that is needed!


*In compliance with R.S. 32.702(12), 735, 736, 737, 738, R.S. 47:519.2, R.S. 537.1(A) and R.S. 47:532.1

Private Transactions

We also welcome individuals who are buying or selling a vehicle.  Seller and Buyer can come to our office together to get all documents signed and notarized.  Upon showing proof of insurance, the buyer can get a license plate for their vehicle.