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Licenses and Auto Titles


Private Transactions

Licenses & Auto Titles is a bonded and licensed Public Tag Agent that is authorized to do title work in the state of Louisiana.  We are also authorized under the new ELT, Electronic Lien and Title Program. to process electronic lien registrations for the State of Louisiana.

By Louisiana law we are allowed to assess a convenience fee for any work processed*

When you choose to let us do your title work, we become your Office of Motor Vehicles and eliminate your waiting or sending a courier who can now do other errands.  We can arrange to pick up your local work and return the finished process in a timely manner. A phone call is all that is needed.

* In compliance with R.S. 32.702(12), 735, 736, 737, 738, R.S. 47:519.2, R.S. 537.1(A) and R.S. 47:532.1



We also welcome individuals who are buying or selling a vehicle.  Seller and Buyer can come to our office together to get all documents signed and notarized.  Upon showing proof of insurance, buyer can get a license plate for their vehicle.

Since we are located inside an insurance agency, chances are you can get an insurance quote that will be competitive, so you can leave our office with insurance and a license plate.

One stop shopping; how cool is that?

Our staff is always ready to help you.   


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